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Board of Commissioners

Board of Commissioners

ICHR is run by a 21-member board of commissioners of both sexes. Its current Commissioner General is Dr. Varsen Shaheen. Highly credible and prominent figures in the Palestinian society, the commissioners have been selected from inside Palestine and the diaspora. They are all well-known public figures, are committed, strongly and explicitly, to democracy and human rights. The Board of Commissioners has an executive office headed by the Commissioner General. This office, the highest authority within ICHR, oversees its operations and performance of the commission. The Executive Office has an executive director who assists the General Commissioner. He is the top official in charge of managing divisions, and staff in ICHR’s headquarters and regional offices. The Board of Commissioners   enjoys/carries a moral weight and commands a great importance in the Palestinian society. This has significantly strengthened the commission and helped in its acceptance. The commissioners also represent cross sections of the Palestinian communities at home and in the diaspora.

To guarantee transparency in selection, the commissioners are selected by an independent advisory committee. A notice for membership nomination in the commission is published in local papers. The committee membership includes Palestinian Bar Association head, ex-president of Supreme Judiciary Council, civic society representatives, Palestinian Legislative Council members, academicians, ICHR's  former commissioners generals.

In its capacity as a national human rights organization, ICHR devotes all efforts to foster  transparency in membership of commissioners in a democratic and integrity environment in order to add new blood and recruit young members capable of carrying out its mission. The selection is done in line with the bylaws of the Board of Commissioners and Paris Principles regulating the work of national human rights commissions.

Members of Board of Commissions

Commissioner General

Dr.  Varsen  Shaheen

Members of Board of Commission

Dr. Ahmed Harb, Antwan Shalhat, Dr. Hanan Ashrawi (Her membership has been frozen due to her occupation of an executive position in the Palestine Liberation Organization), Mr. Ziyad Amre, *Ms. Zainab al Ghonaimy, *Mr. Salameh Bseiso, Mr. Shawqi Al-Eiassa; Dr. ‘Issam Al-Arori, Mr. Fateh Azzam, *Dr. Varsen Shaheen*Dr. ‘Azmi Shu’aibi, Ms. Faiha Abdel-Hadi, Mr. Issam Younis *Dr. Cairo Arafat, Mr. Muhammad Mei'ari, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Atshan, Mervat Rishmawi, Dr. *Mamdouh ‘Aker, Ms. Hama Zaidan, Dr. Yehya Al-Sarraj

*Members of Executive Office

"A 21-member board of commissioners currently runs ICHR. These highly credible Commissioners are prominent members of the Palestinian society, and were selected from both inside Palestine and the Diaspora, to confirm the need for communication between different Palestinian communities, and to benefit from the expertise of the members of the Diaspora in enhancing and promoting ICHR. The Executive Office, emanating from the Board of Commissioners and headed by the Commissioner General, is the highest authority within ICHR and oversees its operations and performance. The Executive Director, appointed by the Executive Office, is the highest official responsible for managing divisions and staff in headquarters and Regional Offices. Until the law regulating the work of ICHR is passed by the Palestinian Legislative Council, ICHR's Board of Commissioners will continue to be the highest decision-making body and will appoint a full-time Commissioner General and an Assistant to the Commissioner General to the Gaza Program."

Commissioners are selected in accordance with criteria as stated in ICHR's Bylaws and based on the Paris Principles.

Commissioner General:

PhD. Varseen Shaheen*

Board of Commissioners:

PhD. Ahmad Harb*
Dr.A'zmi Shu'aibi*
PhD.Anton Shulhet
Dr.Cairo Arafat*
Mr.Esam Younis*
Mr.Fateh Azzam
PhD.Fayha Abdel Hadi
PhD.Hanan Ashrawi-Frozen membership due to holding an executive position in PLO
PhD.Mahmoud Al-Atshan
Dr.Mamdouh A'ker *
Ms.Mirvat Rishmawi
Mr.Muhammad Mei'ari
Mr.Salameh Bsisso*
PhD. Yahya Al Sarraj
Ms.Zainab Al-Ghanaimy*
*members of the Executive Board

Documents Related to Selection of Commissioners and ICHR's Governance:

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Criteria and Assessment of Commissioners PDF

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