ICHR demands Gaza Attorney General’s Office to probe death of detainee









ICHR demands Gaza  Attorney General’s  Office  to probe death of detainee



The Independent   Commission  for  Human Rights  expresses  its  deep  concern over  the  death,  this morning,  of  a 19-year-old  young man( Kh. A.) during  his  incarceration in the Gaza City’s  Seraya Security  Compound  and  demands investigation of  circumstances  surrounding  his death.

According  to  his  father’s  testimony  to  the  commission,  his son  was  detained by the police on September 17, 2017 and  then  was brought   before  the Public Prosecution on September  19, 2017 to  investigate  him over alleged  charges. His family was  surprised  when it heard of the news of his death  this  morning in the mass media  which reported that his  death was the  result of  falling from the 4th floor of the compound.  His  father  added that he  went  to  the  forensic  medicine center and saw  the body of his son.  He  said he noticed  some red bumps on the bottom of his feet  and hands  and other marks  on different parts of his body. The father  refused  to take  the body and asked  that his burial be stopped. He  also  asked  for  opening of an investigation  to  know  the  real  circumstances which led  to his son’s  death.

It’s  worth  noting  that  this  was not the  first  tragic incident to occur  in the  Gaza City’s security compound. In one  case,  on  June  26, 2016,  a 26-year-old man( M.A.) died  when he reportedly  threw himself  from a  fourth-floor window.

The  commission at the time wrote to the Public Prosecution  asking for an independent inquiry  into  the details  and circumstances of the incident  and  hold accountable  those  responsible for it.  However, the commission has  not received a  response.

In the light of  this  incident,  the commission demands  the following:

1.  The Public Prosecution should  announce the results of the investigation and   ensure  a serious investigation   as  soon as possible.

2. The Public Prosecution should take all necessary protective measures  to  safeguard the lives of inmates  during their interrogation in   the compound.

3. The commission holds the official bodies the  legal responsibility  for this  regrettable  incident.