ICHR Meeting with the Consuls and Representatives of Foreign Countries Accredited to the State of Palestine

ICHR Meeting with the Consuls and Representatives of Foreign Countries Accredited to the State of Palestine

Ramallah - The Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) organized a meeting with the consuls and representatives of foreign countries accredited to the State of Palestine at its headquarters in Ramallah and Gaza using the video conferencing technology.  The meeting was intended to inform the consuls and representatives of the human rights situation and the serious humanitarian and living conditions in the Gaza Strip, as well as the negative impact on the rights of Jerusalemites as a consequence of the decision of the US administration to move its embassy to occupied Jerusalem.

The Commissioner-General, Dr. Farsin Shaheen, explained the situation of human rights and the violations that are constantly and continuously perpetrated by the Israeli occupation, particularly in the occupied city of Jerusalem.  The Israeli Knesset continuously enacts legislation to steal land for the expansion of settlements around Jerusalem to isolate the city from its natural expansion in the West Bank.  She elaborated that the decision of the US administration regarding the transfer of the United States Embassy to occupied Jerusalem does not change the legal nature of the Holy City in accordance with international humanitarian law, but it would have a strong negative impact on the Palestinians because this resolution would end the two-state solution and gave green light to the occupation force for further violations.

On his part, Deputy Commissioner General, Mr. Issam Yunus, warned of the serious humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, pointing out the negative effects of the disruption and cessation of work on the reconstruction process, and the continuation of the blockade and the closure of the crossing points, including the closure of the Rafah crossing.

Dr. Ammar Dweik, Director-General of the ICHR, addressed the developments in the human rights situation at the internal level, pointing out the positive developments in the formation of the Judicial Development Committee, the State of Palestine's accession to the Optional Protocol against Torture and the creation of a committee to harmonize legislation.

The ICHR demanded the representatives of foreign countries to urge their governments and parliaments to exert pressures on the government of Israel to end the occupation, stop and prevent dealing with settlements, as well as to support the UNRWA, continue to support the PA budget and projects, especially in areas designated as "C', in addition to supporting the reconciliation efforts and holding presidential and parliamentary elections as soon as possible.

The meeting was attended by members of the Commission's Board of Commissioners, Mr. Shawki Al-Aissa, Ms. Lubna Kataba, Mr. Essam Arouri, Mr. Jamil Sarhan, Deputy Director General in the Gaza Strip, as well as representatives of the European Union, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Switzerland, the European Union, the European Union, And France.