ICHR and Representative Office of Denmark ink cooperation agreement for promotion of human rights




ICHR  and  Representative  Office  of Denmark  ink  cooperation agreement   for promotion of human rights


The  Independent Commission  for Human Rights(  ICHR)  and the  Representative Office of  Denmark  in Ramallah  signed  today,  Wednesday , November 15,  2017,  a partnership agreement to  support,  protect   and promote  human  rights  and  disseminate  culture  of  human  rights  in Palestine.  This  agreement   comes  within  the framework of  facilitating and  carrying out joint  cooperation programs  and  work  between  ICHR  and the Danish  Institute  for Human  Rights.

The  agreement  was  signed  by  ICHR’s  General  Commissioner  Dr. Farseen  Shaheen   and    Ms.  Natalia  Feinberg,  head of  Representative Office  of Denmark.  In attendance  were  ICHR  Director  Dr.  Ammar  Dweik  and  Mr.  Khalid  Mansour of  the   Danish  representative office.

According  to  this  agreement,  several  training  programs will  be  carried out in order  to  raise  ICHR  cadre’s  level  of  dealing  with  citizens’  rights issues, raise    awareness of  citizens   who   are  subjected  to  human  rights  violations, so  that they  could  ask  for their  rights  and  lodge  complaints  with  concerned  authorities. This  will  be in addition  to  human  rights  public  education programs   which  will target  broad cross sections  of the  Palestinian  society.