About ICHR

Modes of Operation

ICHR three main strategies include:

  • monitoring human rights violations, namely through receiving and keeping record of complaints and analyzing patterns in violations. (see our Complaints Handling and Complaints Follow Up pages)

  • enhancing respect for human rights, primarily through training of security and law enforcement officials as well as public awareness building activities to educate and inform citizens of their rights.
  • seeking protection of human rights, largely by following up on complaints, bringing their attention to the proper authorities, proposing legislation to ensure protection of basic human rights and monitoring the actions of the Palestinian National Authority as well as other public institutions or authorities liable for human rights violations. (see our Legal Representation page) 

ICHR perceives human rights as those enshrined in Palestinian Basic Law as well as international conventions including The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Through its operations, ICHR adopts the Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA), abiding by the five main principles of HRBA, which are the following: legal obligation, participation, accountability, empowerment and non-discrimination against weak marginalized and vulnerable groups.