About ICHR


ICHR has 5 Regional Offices (3 in the West Bank, in the north, middle and south, and 2 in the Gaza Strip, in the north and south), in addition to its headquarters in Ramallah. The Office in the middle of the West Bank is located in the same premises as of ICHR in Ramallah, and the northern Office of the Gaza Strip is located in the same ICHR premises in Gaza city.

A 17-member board of commissioners currently runs ICHR. These highly credible Commissioners are prominent members of Palestinian society, and were selected from both inside Palestine and the Diaspora, to confirm the need for communication between different Palestinian communities, and to benefit from the expertise of members of the Diaspora in enhancing and promoting ICHR. The Executive Office, emanating from the Board of Commissioners and headed by the Commissioner General, is the highest authority within ICHR and oversees its operations and performance. The Executive Director, appointed by the Executive office, is the highest official responsible for managing Divisions and staff in headquarters and Regional Offices. 
Until the law regulating the work of ICHR is passed by the Palestinian Legislative Council, ICHR’s Board of Commissioners will continue to be the highest decision-making body and will appoint a full-time Commissioner General and an Assistant to the Commissioner General to the Gaza Program.

ICHR is composed of 5 departments/working groups: 
Administration and Finance Division, Investigation and Complaints Unit, Monitoring of National Legislations and Policies Unit, Public Awareness and Training Unit and Public Relations and Media office.ICHR has the authority to hire its own staff and has no limitations on this authority. The restructuring process has led to a clearer outline of the positions of the staff. The executive team includes the Executive Director, Heads of the Gaza and West Bank Programs, the Director of the Administration and Finance Division. In addition, there are 2 technical teams corresponding to the West Bank Program and the Gaza Strip program. These technical teams are composed of the Regional Offices managers and the coordinators of each Investigation and Complaints Unit and Public Awareness and Training Unit. Finally, the head of the Monitoring of National Legislations and Policies works in cooperation with the Resource Center and the legal researchers that form the unit.