Commissioner General of Independent Commission for Human Rights Meets Premier Ismael Hanya in Gaza

Gaza \ Commissioner General of Independent Commission for Human Rights "Ombudsman", Dr. Ahmad Harb, discussed with the Head of the Government in Gaza, Ismael Hanya several human rights issues and the impediments hindering ICHR's role in monitoring the situation of human rights there.

Dr. Harb briefed Mr. Hanya on the functions of ICHR being the constitutional national organization monitoring PNA's organizations' commitment to the principles and standards of the rule of law and human rights and its role in receiving citizens' complaints of human rights violations.

He also affirmed ICHR's independence, professionalism and full bias to citizens' rights issues.

Dr. Harb demanded during the meeting attended by Minister of Health, Basim Naem and Minister of Justice, Farag Al-Ghoul that ICHR's functioning in Gaza Strip should be facilitated to allow its delegates to visit the detention centers and examine the situation of the inmates. He also asked for pressing the official authorities addressed by the ICHR to respond to the complaints filed by the citizens.

Mr. Hanya affirmed, for his part, the importance of the role of the ICHR on the internal level and the importance of its role in exposing the practices of the occupation state on the international level. He also expressed the positive attitude of his government towards enabling ICHR to do its duties in accordance with law provisions.

The attendants of the meeting, Deputy Commissioner General, Dr. Mahmoud Atshan, Dr. Iyad Sarag and other staffers of ICHR shared views and opinions about rights issues and means of upgrading the mechanisms and programs of protecting and respecting human rights.

The Commissioner General also met with MPs, Gamal Nassar and Huda Naem of the Reform and Change Parliamentary Bloc and discussed with them means of joint cooperation and the PLC's role in monitoring the performance of the executive authority with regard to respect and maintenance of human rights and adaptation of the acts drafted by PLC to match international human rights standards.