In a letter to the Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology, ICHR calls for expedited action to establish the Palestinian T

Ramallah - The Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) called on Mousa Allam, Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology, to expedite the establishment of the Palestinian Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (PTRC). Pursuant to the Law by Decree on the Regulation of the Telecommunications Sector, the PTRC will ensure a balanced representation of telecommunications companies, consumers and the government.

The ICHR Commissioner General, Dr. Varseen Shaheen, sent a letter to Minister Allam, addressing the legal status of the Palestine Telecommunications Company (Paltel). The letter stressed the need to allow citizens to learn about the vision of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology (MoTIT) regarding the regulation of this legal status as well as the form and conditions of the new contractual relationship with Paltel.

The letter explained that this call was most timely because the agreement on the working relationship between the MoTIT and Paltel had expired on 15 November 2016. It is extremely important to regulate and promote this vital service sector on grounds of rules and standards, which ensure consumer protection and ward off any suspicions of monopoly and manipulation.