The ICHR and Central Elections Commission stress the need for creating a suitable environment for timely and successful elections

Ramallah - The Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) and Central Elections Commission (CEC) stressed the need for organising fair and transparent local elections on time and in line with democratic principles. The electoral process should allow an opportunity for all lists to carry out electoral campaigns freely and in accordance with the law.

This announcement was made in a meeting, which brought together CEC Chairman Dr. Hanna Nasser, ICHR Commissioner General Dr. Varsen Shaheen, ICHR Commissioners Dr. Mamdouh al Aker and Dr. Azmi Shu’aybi, ICHR Director General Dr. Ammar Dwaik, and CEC Deputy Chief Electoral Officer Ashraf Shu’aybi.

The meeting included a review of the general situation and the context of public rights and freedoms during the current electoral period. CEC representatives made a presentation on the CEC preparations for the electoral process. The ICHR and CEC agreed to cooperate and ensure successful local elections in line with the law. The ICHR will monitor and document violations of the electoral process, particularly in relation to the freedom of electoral lists and political parties during the campaigning period, public meetings, and financing election campaigns in tandem with the law. The ICHR will also monitor how neutral official agencies are during the electoral process, ensuring that campaigns are not organised in places of worship and that women fully exercise their right to be elected and to vote.

The ICHR and CEC agreed to maintain communication, address any challenges to the elections, and exchange relevant information, particularly with respect to public rights and freedoms during the electoral process. Ongoing meetings will be held to coordinate efforts, monitor the electoral process, prevent violations of the law. Coordination will also be in place to ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct, which political parties and factions consented to under the auspices of the CEC.