ICHR delegation visits Governor Al-Husseini and discusses the status of rights and freedoms in Jerusalem and suburbs

Jerusalem - A delegation of the Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) met with Mr. Adnan al-Husseini, Governor of Jerusalem, and discussed the status of citizens’ rights and freedoms in Jerusalem, including Jerusalem suburbs, villages and Bedouin communities. The discussion was based on complaints the ICHR has received. The meeting also addressed cases of governor-ordered detentions, where detained persons are not presented to the Public Prosecution or brought before courts of law.

The ICHR delegation was chaired by Dr. Ammar Dwaik, ICHR Director General. Governor Al-Husseini stated that the “Governor Office always seeks to alleviate the harsh conditions Jerusalemites face by Israeli measures.” The Israeli occupying authorities are making relentless efforts to displace and evict Palestinian citizens from Jerusalem. The Governor Office monitors Israeli violations, supports the steadfastness of Jerusalemites, and helps them keep their homes and obtain construction licences. These services are provided by the Legal Clinic and Engineering Office at the Jerusalem Governor Office.

Mr. Al-Husseini explained that governor-ordered detentions were used to preserve community safety. According to Mr. Al-Husseini, the Judicial Authority cannot play an effective role in cases like blood feuds and narcotic drugs.

In the meeting held at the Jerusalem Governor Office, Dr. Dwaik stressed the importance of the due process of law. Guarantees should be provided to the accused in pre-trial detention. Dr. Dwaik emphasised that the ICHR was always ready to follow up on cases involving Jerusalemites with line ministries and government bodies.

The ICHR delegation comprised Advocate Mousa Abu Duheim, Director of ICHR Investigation and Complaints Department; Advocate Walid al-Sheikh, Head of ICHR Central West Bank Office; and Human Rights Activist Islam al-Tamimi, Director of ICHR Public Awareness and Training Department. Advocate Al-Sheikh presented on Jerusalemites’ cases which the ICHR has monitored and reviewed some of the activities implemented by the ICHR Central West Bank Office, including public outreach to villages and communities around Jerusalem.


5 February 2017