ICHR demands that the Gaza-based Internal Security agency allow ICHR staff to visit detained citizens

Gaza - The Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) demanded that the Internal Security agency in the Gaza Strip allow ICHR staff to visit detained citizens. It has been reported that a number of detainees declared a hunger strike. These have been detained on grounds of the right to freedom of opinion and expression.

According to the ICHR monitoring, a number of citizens detained by the Internal Security agency declared a hunger strike in protest against their continued detention and demanding that they be released. Since 1 March 2017, the ICHR has contacted the Internal Security agency and demanded that ICHR staff visit the detained citizens to account for their physical and mental safety, review detention conditions and ensure compliance with human rights standards.

In spite of the ICHR daily demands, the Internal Security agency has so far prevented ICHR staff from visiting the detained citizens. Internal Security officers reported that detainees had not declared a hunger strike.

The ICHR stresses that the fact the Internal Security agency has not allowed ICHR staff to visit the detained citizens violates legal norms and casts doubt on their health conditions. Normally, the ICHR has an unrestricted access to all detention centres throughout the Gaza Strip and West Bank. To fulfil its role, the ICHR reiterates its request to visit these detained citizens.


7 March 2017