ICHR Calls upon the Government to Reverse the Decision of the Cut in Salaries of Gaza Employees and to Return the Sums Deducted

April 6, 2017


Ramallah - The Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) addressed today the Prime Minister, Dr. Rami Al-Hamdallah, demanding that the decision of the cut in the salaries of public employees in the Southern Governorates (Gaza Strip) should be withdrawn and that any amounts deducted should be returned. In addition, the ICHR demanded to treat them based on equality and non-discrimination like the employees of the State of Palestine in pursuance of the rule of law.


In its address, the Commission has stressed its understanding of the difficult financial circumstances encountered by the government, which may require the adoption of austerity measures based on clear and declared standards. However, it stressed that the decision of the cut involves explicit violations of the fixed constitutional and legal rights of the employees and is not based on any legal basis as well as it clearly discriminates against employees on a geographical basis. The Commission also stressed that the decision has serious implications on the economic and social rights of employees and their families and the overall economic situation in the besieged Gaza Strip. In addition, it has serious political implications on the unity of our people and our national territory.


According to the Commission's documentation and the statements of a number of employees, the decision on salaries cut surprised whole employees who have not been informed of such move and have learned about this decision after depositing salaries in their bank accounts. The decision was applied on all employees of the southern governorates, including employees of the health and education sectors who go to work normally.


It is worth mentioning that the Commission is following the issue of cut in the salaries of public employees in the Southern Governorates, which ranged between 30% to 50%, based on the legal and constitutional role assigned to it.