A press release by the ICHR on The death of Ahmed Hamadah (Al-Za’bour), a citizen who was detained at the Jericho Correction and Rehabilit


The Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) monitored the death of Ahmed Naji Hamadah, also known as Al-Za’bour and a resident of Balata refugee camp, at the Istishari Arab Hospital, Ramallah, on Sunday, 12 August 2018. Hamadah had been detained on criminal charges at the Police Correction and Rehabilitation Centre in Jericho.

The ICHR monitored Hamadah’s health condition from the moment he was transported to the Istishari Arab Hospital about two weeks ago. In full coordination with Hamadah’s family and with consent of the Palestinian Police, the ICHR assigned a neurologist to examine Hamadah, review his medical file, and submit an independent medical opinion on his health condition. While Hamadah was hospitalised, ICHR representatives also met with physicians of the Military Medical Services Department at the Jericho Correction and Rehabilitation Centre and had access to Hamadah’s medical file.

After Hamadah had died, the ICHR assigned a physician to participate in the autopsy operation in coordination with Hamadah’s family and with the Public Prosecution.

The ICHR will issue an independent report on the death of Hamadah after relevant information is collected and autopsy report issued.