Persons With Disabilities

The underlying principle behind the national inquiry about Persons with Disabilities comes from the vision of the  Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) to ensure the equalisation of opportunities for all. ICHR’s vision believes in giving people with disabilities their right to self determination, to plan for their future, to achieve their aspirations and therefore, safeguarding the laws and regulations implemented on the ground.

ICHR considers that persons with disabilities can have an active productive role in society; challenging the existing negative perceptions towards people with disabilities as a burden on our society.

Due to the changes of laws and regulations today, and due to the changes in social and cultural perspectives, people with disability are now able to contribute and participate more in the general aspects of life; be it cultural, scientific, academic, artistic, sporting, and political levels. However, there are still a variety of barriers that preclude persons with disabilities from participating on an equal level in Palestinian society, and are as a result of the presence of some gaps in legislation, regulations and government policies.